Affiliate Program

We are introducing a brand new affiliate program. Over the years we have received several requests for an affiliate program from our customers. We couldn’t ignore such an important request anymore. Our affiliate program will not only benefit our customers¬† but it will also help inngenius grow as well.

We will give you 20% of monthly subscription fee of any hotel you bring on board with us. You can now make a commission by referring inngenius to your fellow hoteliers .Affiliate Program is completely integrated into inngenius. All you have to do is to receive your custom signup link from inngenius and send it your hotelier friends.

If referent signs-up with inngenius and decides to stay after their trial period you will be notified, and a 20% commission of their monthly subscription fee will be added to your account.

All you have to do is

  • Invite your hotelier friends to try InnGenius
  • Make sure they sign-up to inngenius using the custom link that is provided to you in your InnGenius account
  • Help them get started with your experience
  • After trial period ends and they continue to use InnGenius,you will start receiving 20% of their monthly subscription fee

To receive more information regarding our affiliate program please contact us at [email protected]

Please keep in mind,

This program will be effective as of February 15 2018, prior referrals and multiple property accounts are not a part of this program.