About Us

We build the best cloud hotel software

We meet your every demand

InnGenius is the leading provider of cloud based property management and hotel software for any size hospitality businesses. Having identified the problems with traditional property management software, InnGenius set out to solve those problems by utilizing the power of cloud computing. Developing the InnGenius Software from the ground up, team of technicians are able to deliver new fully integrated features faster than any other provider.

Our guiding principles

  • True collaboration with customers and partners
  • Complete understanding of the customer’s business
  • Persistence in providing the best service to our customers

We work to simplify the lives of hotel owners, managers and staff while providing them with the platform that will improve their businesses.

We provide continuous product updates and 24 hour support for our customers. They never feel left alone.

We’re committed to continued growth and future success, which is why our company profits are routinely reinvested into the company for future advancements.

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Our mission

InnGenius’s primary mission is to provide easy-to-use, flexible and powerful software for hoteliers. We spend an enormous amount of time brain storming, writing, re-writing codes, and talking with our customers to figure out the best solution for their needs.
By employing the power of cloud, we are aiming to build solutions and automate daily practices of hotels as much as possible.